Chief Editors' Greeting

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    Chief Editors' Greeting

Since founded in 2011, the Journal of Construction Engineering and Project Management (JCEPM) has been serving as a global outlet and repository of new knowledge, and innovations in the broad spectrum of construction engineering and project management topics in the construction industry. The journal welcomes both pure and applied research that impacts theory and industry practices. JCEPM is an open access journal published online and It is free for all the readers in the world to access upon publication for rapid and wide dissemination of new research findings. There is no fee for publishing in JCEPM.
We would like to encourage you to submit your manuscript to our journal.

Best Regards, 

            David Jeong                        Sam Ariaratnam
         Iowa State University                   Arizona State University 
         Chief Editor of JCEPM                 Co-Chief Editor of JCEPM 


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