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 The journal offers comprehensive coverage of construction engineering and project management.

      The topics include, but are not limited to:

           - Construction Engineering Economics 

           - Construction Engineering 

           - Construction Practices 

           - Construction Management 

           - Computer Application in Construction 

           - Construction Technology 

           - Infrastructure Asset Management 

           - Facility Management 

           - Maintenance and Operation in Construction 

           - Computer-Aided Design and Engineering 

           - Process Simulation Models 

           - Information Technology 

           - Green Construction 

           - Sustainability 

           - Building Information Modeling 

           - Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Environmental Analysis 

           - Carbon Accounting 

           - Cost Estimating in Green Construction

 Particularly seeking multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives, and focusing on currently emerging Green issues, the journal welcomes both pure and applied research that impacts theory and practice.

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