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  • Chief Editors
 - Are responsible for the journal editorial board
 - Arrange the time and location of meetings
 - Prepare and hand out meeting agendas
 - Verify which board members are funded to engage in face-to-face  
 - Delegate journal peer reviews, if necessary, to fulfill the aims of the journal
   editorial board
 - Cooperate with the KICEM Publications Department to publish the journal, 
   which includes organizing articles for review, writing the “Editor’s Note” for
   each issue, and improving the masthead, if necessary
  •  Associate Editors
 - Act as chairs/editors in the event that they are unable to participate in


 - Perform other duties delegated by chairs/editors
 - Manage the review process of submitted papers
  •  Editorial Board Members
 - Work on assignments given by the chief or associate editors
 - Make an effort to get involved in journal editorial board meetings when
   possible, though the meetings are not compulsory
 - Offer quality control in a “peer review” capacity by assessing and giving
   comments on journal editorial board work products, strategies, and projects
 - Support committee/editorial board functions in any way possible, providing
   input on journal editorial board issues
 - Conduct the actual review process of submitted papers

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