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Korea Institute of Construction Engineering and Management

 Founded in 1999, the Korea Institute of Construction Engineering and Management (KICEM) is the leading professional membership society of construction engineering and management in Korea.

 Over the past nine years, more than 3,000 professionals from a variety of construction businesses and research fields have joined KICEM. Their collaborative efforts have made significant contributions to the construction profession in Korea. Over 70 major Korean construction and engineering companies are also involved in KICEM as member companies.

 KICEM has held an annual conference, as well as various seminars and workshops,  since it was founded to provide timely information to its members and the general public. The Korean Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, as well as technical reports published by KICEM, also serve as important sources of information.

 Moreover, KICEM has been providing several continuing education and certification granting programs for construction engineers.

KICEM website: www.kicem.or.kr

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